Instructions for Completing Initiatives

  1. Watch lecture video and review content as necessary.
  2. Go to Learning Central, log in and search for EDRU.
  3. Take Quiz with a passing score of at least 80%. To take the quiz, log in to Learning Central and search for EDRU.


To optimize the provision of critical care in the ED resuscitation pod via...

  1. Guideline and evidence driven protocols for common problems
  2. Continuing faculty/nursing/resident education on managing critical illness
  3. Monitoring quality metrics in the provision of critical care
  4. Introducing new technologies that may optimize critical care
  5. Streamlining systems resuscitation bays to facilitate ease of practice
  6. Facilitating and attracting research endeavors

EDRU Continuing Education Logistics

Each quarter we will introduce a host of improvements that fall under a particular topic. They will be introduced in a quarterly CME hour hosted in the department of emergency medicine. This hour is open to all faculty, residents, nurses and ancillary staff of the Department. The presentation will be recorded and available to access on the department website. There will be a brief quiz at the end of the hour. All EM faculty are required to keep up with the EDRU quarterly initiatives and quizzes in order to be scheduled for dedicated EDRU shifts.

Why an ED-Resuscitation Project?

As the quaternary care center, stroke center, advanced cardiac care center and only level one trauma center in the state, we specialize in being the hospital for the critically ill. We do it better than anyone, but there is more we can do to streamline and improve our critical care delivery. This includes but is not limitied to things like current clinical guideline implementation & goal-driven resuscitation bundles, advanced diagnostic modalities and optimizing systems for ease of practice.

What does the ED Resuscitation Project consist of?

This improvement project includes several components.

  1. Continuing education of all faculty residents and nursing on all things resuscitation and critical care.
  2. Systems/Logistics improvements
  3. Clinical Guideline development and implementation